The other night I finished reading Carat!, a parody manga in which two young girls must fight over who becomes queen of their country, Carat. However, the two girls are childhood friends, so they travel to Earth and pick two suckers to duel in their stead. They choose Kanon, a girl, and Alto, a boy.

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Floral Magician Mary Bell

Mary Bell (DVD) - 02 [h-b] (CDA6B9CD).avi_snapshot_00.12_[2015.06.19_10.11.13]

At random, I began watching an anime called Hana no Mahou Tsukai Marybell, or, Floral Magician Mary Bell. Beyond the name, I had no knowledge of the show. Upon loading it up, I felt a bit embarrassed watching such a childish cartoon, but I get over that embarrassment pretty easily. Remember to tell yourself, it’s not for children, it’s just ‘family friendly’!

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