Magical Cyborg Mitsuki

In the mood for a mahou shoujo video game. What should I pick? Let’s search around the internet. A Madoka game? Nah, too cool for that. Something on the Vita? Maybe if I ever get one. Touhou? Still haven’t gotten over my first rage quit. Oh, how about this cool looking one? Wait, no translation. Sure wish I didn’t give up learning Japanese a couple years back. This one might be good – wait, an eroge, too pure for that. Hold on… what’s this?

10A 20 minute long game hastily made in RPG Maker solely using default RTP resources?


Magical Cyborg Mitsuki apparently came out of something called “Magical Girl Jam” back in 2013. You play as Mitsuki, a robot girl with magical powers. You get to transform and fight aliens with magic. Sounds great, right? It’s not. The game uses RPG Maker’s default battle system, so prepare for first-person turn based combat. I like this type of combat system, except in RPG Maker. For whatever reason, it loses all appeal in these games. It especially sucks for a magical girl game. An important part of mahou shoujo is seeing pretty girls in cute costumes doing the fighting. With this battle system, you see nothing but an attack animation. So it’s sort of like “implied mahou shoujo”.

RPG Maker's default battle system in action.
RPG Maker’s default battle system in action.

Even so, the game charmed me. Those 20 minutes felt like 10 minutes, I had such an enjoyable time. The dynamic between Mitsuki and her friend Umi sells the game. Umi is Tomoyo, and Mitsuki is Sakura, while also being Adam Jensen. At least in the eyes of Umi, anyway. It all makes sense, trust me.

Tomoyo -- I mean, Umi's special attack.
Tomoyo — I mean, Umi’s special attack.

Umi only does one thing: Record Mitsuki. In battle, she doesn’t fight. She records Mitsuki. Outside of battle, she records Mitsuki. Well, sometimes she heals Mitsuki if she gets too beat up, but the game is so easy I never saw it my first try.

Umi makes sure you don't die.
Umi makes sure you don’t die.

As well, she seems to hate how Mitsuki gets stronger. As you find equipment, you don’t just wear it. You must return to the robot who gave you magical powers, and it will surgically install the gear. Umi doesn’t like this. Every time you install new gear, she will attempt to talk you out of it. This conflict is the only serious part of the entire game.

Insert "I never asked for this" joke here.
Insert “I never asked for this” joke here.

Nothing else affects the ending except your equipment choices. In the final level, you have the option of equipping super strong gear, the same the enemies use. Doing so results in this, however…

Low chaos frame ending.
Low chaos frame ending.

Umi freaks out. Naturally you want to get rid of these implants, so you return to your robot friend’s house. Only to find he’s not there.

28So of course, I reloaded a save and beat the final level without getting the new gear. Got a somewhat happier ending.

31But it ultimately ended the same.

32I figured, there must be a true good ending if I play the entire game without getting ANY equipment at all! So I started over and the game surprised me with its complete lack of difficulty, even without items. But the scenes played out the same as my first run through.

Actually, I have no items at all except the default one.
Actually, I have no items at all except the default one.

But I pressed on. Surely I would get some super cool ending, where Umi and I return to the robot, and find out IT was the evil mastermind behind it all, and we’d take it down in a fiery explosion of magical girl attitude.

But no, I get the same crap.

37Well, the game was created pretty quickly, I imagine, and probably not meant to be a serious project. So you can’t expect a whole lot out of it. Still, the game constantly hints that there’s another outcome if you don’t get augmentations. It’s just disappointing to find out there’s no good ending.


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